Salt Wells, Wyoming Mustang Mare

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Delicate Zone - Oh My!!

Interesting development in playing with America and the friendly game. She's generally confident of me touching her everywhere including her udder (which she LOVES getting cleaned). The one no-no spot for her is under her tail; no matter how much rubbing and caressing of her butt and tail, she would clamp her tail down if I tried to touch her ever so delicate zone. Well, after playing tonight, I fed her then began playing with her tail. She actually relaxed her tail and allowed me to lift it and touch her ever so gently on the under side of her tail, then changed her mind and swished her tail a few times. I asked again, politely and yeah...she lifted her tail again and allowed me to touch the underside of her tail again, this time without any tail swishing. I retreated before she could change her mind!!

I know Pat checks ears and tails to see how relaxed a horse is...I think America was pretty relaxed and I'm pleased!!

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